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How We Started...

Our doggies are always working on their nose muscles, sniffing the air whenever we are whipping up a meal in the kitchen. We often doubled up as a head supporter during meals, only to realise the dogs rest their head on our lap, giving their cutest look and best behaviour ever, hoping to earn a piece from our plate. Their intense stare at every mouthful we took couldn't be felt lesser. The earnest effort our doggies made, set us thinking 'How happy they would be if they could taste what we enjoy instead of the mundane food they were having?!' 

The Best Ingredients & Receipes

​We began to research on ingredients, herbs and spices suitable for dogs. Trying out different cooking methods and creating our very own "human cuisine for dogs" recipes only to be approved by our dogs with puddles of drools and spinning in anticipation to every meal!

Now with Cuisine for Dogs, doggies too can enjoy good flavour, great texture and most of all, safe exploration into the 'Human Cuisines made Specially for Dogs'.

Yummy food makes people happy. Yummy food makes dog happy too. Treating our doggy to a yummy good meal, is yet another way to reciprocate their love and loyalty.

This is the reason why every baked goods, cuisine and pet’s essentials in our collections is prepared with love and crafted by hands to provide the best for family.

Pure Love for Dogs

From a pure love for dogs and a pure heart in giving the best to make every dog happy, Isa Pets and Bakes is your destination for all natural baked goods, finest cuisine and pet’s essentials that is fresh, healthy and yummy for your dog.

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